Rizzo the next mayor?

If all things are equal – and they rarely are – Councillor at Large Dan Rizzo will be the next mayor of Revere.

If and when Mayor Ambrosino leaves, and it is a certainty that one day in the short future he will be leaving, then Rizzo is the obvious front runner to become the next mayor.

However, there are a number of compelling what ifs. What if former Mayor Robert Haas tosses his hat into the proverbial political ring? Those closest to Haas know he would love to be the mayor again. But Haas is very cute about his intentions. He is not, at this point, a risk taker. Rather, he is quite happy being a councillor at large. But if the opportunity came about where he could sneak himself in as mayor, he’d likely dive at the chance.

Now enter School Committeewoman and former superintendent Carol Tye. She might very well be a candidate for mayor when Ambrosino leaves. She is constantly playing down the possibility to friends and supporters, but those who know her best and who understand what makes her tick, believe she would run before letting Rizzo waltz in without a fight. If she ran, the thinking is that Haas would run and with Rizzo running – wow! There’s all kind of potential in such a scenario.

Experts claim that if Haas and Rizzo ran, they’d simply be robbing one another of the same votes they need leaving the door to the city hall office open to Tye.

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