Vote Tomorrow

Ward 6 in Revere goes to the polls tomorrow to decide on a new senator to replace Jarrett Barrios. Voters in Revere, Chelsea Saugus, Somerville, Everett, Charlestown and Cambridge will all be voting.

The special election has been vigorous with four candidates vying for the seat – Paul Nowicki from Chelsea, Jeff Ross from Cambridge, Anthony Galluccio from Cambridge and Tim Flaherty, also from Cambridge.

Flaherty’s campaign has soared in the past ten days. He has received the endorsement of  the Boston Globe and the Cambridge Chronicle. The betting is that this race will be between Galluccio and Flaherty, with these two beating themselves up in Cambridge, leaving Galluccio without his traditional base and that voting in Charlestown may also be split with Everett holding the key.

It is one of those elections which will determine whether or not Galluccio is going to have a life outside of Cambridge, and whether or not he can outlive the onslaught by Flaherty.

Vote tomorrow.

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