Middle School Lottery picks

Thursday night the middle school lottery for fifth graders in the Paul Revere, Lincoln and Whelan Elementary Schools went off without a hitch – other than the emotional anxiety.
Anyone who can remember being the last one chosen, or not chosen at all, during sandlot kickball or football games could relate to the atmosphere by those who weren’t picked. Several students burst out in tears when they weren’t chosen, and some parents had to take some deep breaths of their own.
Conversely, those who were picked breathed sighs of relief and some even cheered aloud.
Those picked were “rewarded” with the opportunity to go to the Susan B. Anthony Middle School for the Arts.
The following is a preliminary list of those chosen:
Paul Revere – (17 seats, 21 applicants)
Katie Tuck
Danielle Grace
Davi Alvarenga
Ashley Frederick
Edward Grainger
Kayla Marie Borges
Brianna Johnson
Lecksie Souther
Rhiannon Alter
David Castro
Chahinez Benkreira
Benjamin Hafizovic
So-hyeon Jeong
Filbert Duran
Brittany Bradbury
Nicole Medeiros
Daniel Wilson

Lincoln School – (30 seats, 41 applicants)
Jiana Gullion
Joseph Gullion
Monte Wolfe
Thomas Portrait
Kevin Gutierrez Lopez
Adebola Balogun
Adetola Balogun
Lucas Romalho
Anthony Worcester
Danielle Giacalone
Andrea Petrangelo
Travis Silva
Darius Dailey
Angelica McNall
Nolan Dow
Lauren Hayes
Kilynn Abrams
Tyler Sandsbury
Maria Perez
Alexa Annunziata
Justin Noonan
Drew Nagy
Anny Aldana
Tori Klempa
Brooke Eustace
Brittany Bachewski
Katherine Guerra
Taylor O’Neil
Christopher Charido
Javier Mejia

Whelan School – (57 seats, 90 applicants)
Rene Zelayandia
Alexandro Correia
Gabrielle DiCalogero
Diandra Bright
Gabriela Ramos
Jaclyn Cipullo
Katya Perez
Taylor Long
Marissa Marino
Lauren Lam
Peter Nguyen
Amanda Zebniak
Amanda Casucci
Samantha Orluk
Tamia Berry
Jennifer Nguyen
Shannon Spillane
Avery Tango
Michael Martorelli
Xavier Acevedo
Liam McCarthy
Marcos Alves
Israel Silva
Diana Alvarez
Nadia Matine
Chavon Thy
Noelle MacDonald
Catherine Taylor
Stephanie Gregorio
James Hanton
Devin Abate
Jordan D’Elia
Danae Bright
Dzeneta Velic
Danny Talic
Marisa Verruto
Sabrina Apel
Stephanie Amaya
Dylan Kalloch
Celena Moran
Ibrahim Dervisevic
Eleni Karalis
Sabrina Bellemsieh
Herlinda Fernandez
Leslie Pacas-Villenueva
Edwin Bustamante
Lenin Umanzor
Diamante Turcios
Melissa Cucuzza
Ali-Imran Kadri
Addison Donati
David Gleeson
Gabriela Cioffi
Nikki Nelson
Jacqueline Galvez Ramirez
Cindy Wu
Dayna Bright

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