Underlying Huzzahs

Anytime a big election comes up in Revere, every politician around seems to begin to turn unrelated issues into a reason to advocate for the candidate of their choice.
Sometimes those stump speeches are blatant.
Other times, they’re not so obvious – if they exist at all.
Monday night at the Council meeting, City Clerk John Henry made the announcement that an election had been called by the state. Usually, this is followed by no speeches or comments.
However, the race is on and five councillors supporting Dan Rizzo used the time to make thoughtful and obvious campaign speeches on his behalf. To those who don’t particularly support him, it was irritating and it showed on their faces.
In one funny aside, Councillor Mark Casella – who is torn between the Eastie Candidate and Rizzo, the Revere candidate – said he would love to support Rizzo, “but I live in Ward 6 and unfortunately, I cannot vote for you.”
There was silence and awkwardness for at least a minute.
Then, Councillor Rizzo – a Ward 6 resident – said, “Well, unfortunately I can’t vote for you either Councillor Casella.”
No one was sure how to take it, but it was comedic.
On Rizzo’s side, a colleague who supports him was irritated by what he considered low antics at a committee meeting about Roseland’s recent Legislative gaffe. At the meeting, Revere State Rep. Kathi Anne Reinstein seemed to make Rizzo’s opponent, Anthony Petruccelli, into the savior on the issue, thereby perhaps giving him a boost locally over Rizzo.
“It’s just showing that they’re trying to make him the savior at the State House on this issue when it was the Revere City Council who saved us on this one,” said the colleague.
Whether this was paranoia or reality is uncertain.
What it does show is that there is really going to be some mean behind the scenes drama underlying this race.
Thank goodness it’s only 60 days long…

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